Installation of solid hardwood and engineered wood

We furnish and install all types of flooring including, domestic and exotic flooring (typically 3/4″ thick) engineered, pre-finished, cork, bamboo, and reclaimed wood.

Dustless Sanding and Refinishing

We use exclusive dust containment system that is the most advanced system on the market for sanding and refinishing hardwood floors. We can also screen and re-coat your existing floor to restore the sheen and cover most scratches.

Restoration, Board Repairs, Water Damage and Severely Worn Floors

We have the instruments and experience to evaluate the severity and extent of water damage to your wood floors and to determine the options for repairing them. We also have 18 years of experience in restoring severely worn floors such as those found in historic homes. We can bring back the beauty and character of these priceless pieces of history.

Custom Projects

We have completed countless custom projects in Northwest Arkansas, and The River Valley. The options to customize your floor are many and varied. From custom borders and inlays, to custom stain colors, finishes and distressing techniques, we have the staff to work with you to help you create a custom floor to reflect your taste and fit your budget.

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